40cc Straight Gas Mini Small Dirt Bike pit bike for kids - Black & Red

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We are a full-support dealer for these mini dirt bikes. That means, should you have any questions or need other help, we know how they work, stock all parts, and can help you by phone or email.


This listing is for the Black/Red color bike (it is a two-tone red/black color scheme with black rims).

This is a fully functional gas powered mini pit bike that takes straight gas (no mixing with oil), is relatively quiet, and you never have to worry about a dead battery. I recommend it for younger riders as the top speeds on four stroke 40cc bikes like this one don't exceed 25 mph.


The bike measures about 2 feet tall, with a seat height of 24 inches. It has 9 inch wheels. Despite the small size, adults even 6 feet tall can and do ride them, just check out some pocket bike Youtube videos to see them in action.


If you are a parent trying to decide between getting an electric or a gas model, don't let the fact that this is gas scare you! Electric dirt bikes that are sold right now frequently have battery problems because they use really cheap, old technology lead batteries. They are susceptible to premature battery failure if you do something as simple as don't charge it immediately after riding. The lead batteries also make the electric bikes very heavy, so heavy that an adult man has a hard time lifting it.


This pocket bike on the other hand is quite light, under 50 pounds. It comes with oil already in the engine, so all you need to do is check the dip stick, add straight gas into the tank, tighten up the handlebars, pull start and ride.


There is no smoke and it is not very loud because it takes straight gas (not a two stroke). Please note, if you are looking to go up hills, or are a heavy rider (over 180 lbs), then you may find any 40cc four-stroke bike too slow for your liking, so this bike is recommended for younger riders that will not be going too fast.


The front wheel needs to be assembled to the front forks (axle put through the wheel and tightened), and the shock under the seat is disconnected when shipping on one side to allow for cheaper shipping. It is all very simple but it helps to have someone who has turned a wrench before to go over the bike when you get it.


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!



  • Engine:    40cc Single Cylinder, 4-stroke, Air Cooled
  • Maximum Speed:    Up to 25+ mph
  • Ignition:    Magneto, High Discharge Coil
  • Starter:    Pull-Start with carburetor primer & choke
  • Transmission:    Centrifugal Automatic (Chain Drive) with Gearbox
  • Brakes:    Front and Rear Cross-Drilled, Slotted Discs
  • Tires:    Knobby Tires
  • Gas Tank:    1.25 Liters
  • Fuel/Oil:    Unleaded Premium Gas / 10W-30 Engine Oil
  • Cruising Range:    20 Miles Per Tank
  • Wt. Capacity:    200 lbs (150 lbs or less recommended)
  • Dimensions:    Net: 57lbs, Gross: 60lbs, 45"L x 11"W x 28"H

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